Looking to create a more customized landing page.


Building a good landing page is the most challenging part.


The landing page is the most important element to convert leads into customers and we can’t neglect it by creating just a simple page.

Landing needs to be well prepared and designed to engage the customer by designing it properly and by providing use full information on the landing page.

And this is the page where you can convert your leads into customers.

And to ensure that you get a higher conversion rate you will need a robust landing page builder to create an incredible design and high converting page.

Then, you must try the Unbounce. It is one of the best landing page building software.

In this article, I am going to explain the benefits of Unbounce for creating an amazing landing page design.

You will be going to know about some of the features, pros and cons and a lot more about Unbounce.

What is Unbounce?

Unbounce is a drag and drop builder that lets you create and publish your own landing page without needing a piece of coding knowledge. It’s an easier and fastest way to get more conversions from your traffic.

Key benefits of using Unbounce are:

  • Add, remove or customize any part of your landing pages with just a few clicks. Anyone can use our drag-and-drop builder, no coding skills are required
  • Start building landing pages in minutes by choosing from our gallery of 100+ high-converting templates—or make your own design from scratch
  • Boost your conversion rates by creating AMP landing pages that load up to 85% faster than standard mobile pages.
  • Turn on Smart Traffic, our AI-powered optimization feature, and automatically deliver the best landing page to each visitor. See results in as few as 50 visits.

And there are a lot more benefits you can get from Unbounce. Which is mostly not present in every landing page builder.


1. Popups

alt="popup and sticky bar image of Unbounce"

Other than the landing page if you’re somebody who likes to reach people with popups on your website, you.ll be happy to know that,

Unbounce offers a popup solution as well as a sticky bar builder on a kind that can also increase convention rates when used effectively.

And you also have the options to choose when the popups appear on arrival. After a specified delay when the visitor scrolls on exit. Finally, you can also specify how after the popup should appear.

2. A/B Testing

alt="a/b testing in Unbounce"

Digital marketing requires some level of testing to improve conversion and generate more leads for better performance.

Unbounce provides extensive a/b testing features on all of its plans to allow you to optimise your landing page for better performance.

You can also figure out which ad copy perform better.

3. Dynamic Test Replacement

Personalized marketing create a greater impact on an audience to get better results. Unbounce supports personalization with dynamic test replacement.

What is DTR:

It is a feature in Unbounce that allow you to include the exact search term that people used to find your landing page.

Through the DTR feature, the landing page matches the keywords based on the keyword users type in before clicking on your ad.

You don’t need to take care of this manually all you need to do is that just set up DTR on your campaign and target keywords.

Unbounce will take care of the rest.

4. Report and Analytics

alt="report and analytics of Unbounce in google analytics"

Unbounce provides you with a complete understanding of how your landing page is performing and about your A/B testing performance.

You can access all of this in the Unbounce dashboard. But
to get the best result you need to integrate with google analytics.

Just go ahead and out the steps to integrate your Unbounce with google analytics. And the Unbounce reports have the data about :

  1. No.of visitors
  2. No. of Views
  3. No. of conversions
  4. Conversion rate

All this data you can use to optimize your landing page performance for increasing conversions.

5. Smart Traffic

alt="smart traffic example of Unbounce"

Smart traffic is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered conversion tool algorithm. That looks at each visitor’s attributes and parameters and delivers them the most relevant landing page.

so that they can convert easily. And it also delivers a more personalized landing page to the customers.

Unbounce smart traffic feature boosts your conversion rate, which is really a most incredible feature that does all the work for you.

And the unique thing about Unbounce Smart Traffic is you won’t have to wait for weeks to collect data and optimize your campaigns for better conversion – it starts optimizing as soon as it has enough data to get started.

Unbounce: Pros And Cons:-


  • Unbounce provider users with valuable resources for building attractive Landing Page and also pre-existing template designs to make your work easy
  • Unbounce can be used to track conversion data for majors SEM channels such as Google Adwords, google analytics etc.
  • AB testing was easy to implement and optimisation are excellent.
  • Ease of use no coding required
  • Loads very quickly


  • Not recommended for website creation
  • customer support is not available 24/7
  • Steep learning curve
  • A/B testing only tracking 30 days worth of data

Unbounce: Integration Platforms

When it comes to digital marketing, you will probably need more than one tool to integrate them to make your work faster and do a lot of work in a shorter span of time.

Fortunately, Unbounce integrates with some of the most popular tools to make your work more easy and fast. Here some of the tools are:

Campaign monitoring

Unbounce also has API which you can use to integrate with another tool as well. By using the Unbounce API key you can do integration with other tools also.

Pricing of Unbounce

alt="pricing of Unbounce landing page builder".

Unbounce offer three core plans and you can access most of its features on all of them.

The pricing plan entirely depends on its unique features. But the best part about Unbounce is that it has the vast majority of its features available to the customer on every plan.

And it is always appreciated seeing this form of software provider that offers so much privilege in all plans. For more information check out the Unbounce plans.

Final Verdict

If you’re really looking forward to creating some amazing landing pages to increase your conversions. Then you should absolutely sign up on Unbounce.

If you think it is quite expensive no worries. You can try it for free for 30days.

That will give you s chance to make sure that it is worth it for your business or not.

All in all, it is a great tool for those looking for a quick and easy way to build and run a landing page for their website. 


Unbounce – “Free Trial”

Create custom landing pages with Unbounce—no coding required. Get the highest-converting campaigns possible with Unbounce Conversion Intelligence™, and our latest AI feature, Smart Traffic